LOVE ENGLISH I. megoldókulcs

értelmezés: 3/1 = 3. fejezet, 1. feladata
3./1. the, a, a, the, a, the a, the, the, a, the, a, the, a, an, a, the, a, a, the, a, a, a, the, a, a, a, the, the, the, a, a, the, the, a, the

4/1. fathers, children, the girls, the dogs, cats, the watches, girls, lobbies, the babies, the fish, the busses, wishes, the people, countries, the women, the families, families, the boxes, teachers, the men, women, kisses, the boxes, tomatoes, houses, oranges, the countries, the oranges, houses, glasses, people, fish, teeth, books, busses, the sheep

6/1. We are students. I am a teacher. It is a house. We are women. They are men. It is a glass. They are glasses. They are children. It is a child. You are a man. It is a cat. It is a table. It is the table. He is a student. They are tables. It is a bus. You are students. It is a sheep. She is a woman. They are feet. It is a box. They are women. We are men. It is a baby. It is a lobby.

6/2. We're students. I'm a teacher. It's a house. We're women. They're men. It's a glass. They're glasses. They're children. It's a child. You're a man. It's a cat. It's a table. It's the table. He's a student. They're tables. It's a bus. You're students. It's a sheep. She's a woman. They're feet. It's a box.

6/3. We aren't students. I'm not a teacher. It's not a house. We aren't women. He isn't a boy. They aren't men. It isn't a glass. They aren't glasses. It isn't a fish. It isn't a child. It isn't a table. It isn't the table. It isn't a bus. They aren't men. You aren't students. It isn't a book. She isn't a mother. They aren't busses. They aren't girls.

6/4. Are you students? Are you a teacher? Is it a house? Are they women? Are they men? Is it a glass? Are they glasses? Are they children? Is she a student? Is it a child? Are you men? Are you students? Is it a bus? Are they fish? Is it a watch?

6/5. Aren't you students? Aren't you a teacher? Isn't it a house? Aren't they women? Aren't they men? Isn't it a glass? Aren't they glasses? Aren't they children? Isn't it a child? Aren't they men? Aren't they teachers? Isn't it a fish? Aren't they busses? Aren't you students? Isn't it an orange?

6/6. Yes, they are. No, it isn't. No, they aren't. Yes, he is. No, they aren't. Yes, he is. No, I'm not. No, they aren't. Yes, she/he is. Yes, she is. Yes, they are. No, it isn't. Yes, they are. Yes, it is. No, they aren't. No, it isn't. No, we aren't. Yes, they are. Yes, she is. No, they aren't. Yes, it is. No, it isn't.

6/7. the old teacher, a young man, the diligent students, a small house, the big country, the nice woman, a sweet orange, the young child, the hungry dog, an interesting book, the bright house, the tired boy, a diligent student, a little country, the old bus, the black box, the thirsty teacher, tired students, interesting people, hungry women, bad children

6/8. She's a nice woman. They're interesting people. They aren't bad children. We're tired students. The dog isn't hungry. Is it an interesting country? Isn't she a nice woman? Isn't he a young boy? Are you diligent? They're good children. It isn't an interesting book. I'm not thirsty. You're good teachers. It isn't a small country. A young man is hungry. Old busses are good. Young women are nice. The small house is bright. It's a happy family. Are you thirsty? No, we aren't. Is the young student tired? The old woman is nice. The glasses aren't black. The table isn't small. The teachers aren't young.

6/11. You aren't hungry, are you? She is a teacher, isn't she? She isn't a teacher, is she? We are good teachers, aren't we? It's a small country, isn't it? It isn't a small country, is it? The young man is hungry, isn't he? The young man isn't hungry, is he? Old busses are good, aren't they? Old busses aren't good, are they? Young women are nice, aren't they? Young women aren't nice, are they? The small house is bright, isn't it? The small house isn't bright, is it? It's a happy family, isn't it? It isn't a happy family, is it? You're thirsty, aren't you? You aren't thirsty, are you? The young student isn't tired, is he? The old woman isn't nice, is she? The glasses aren't black, are they?

6/12. She is a nice girl. We are students. The father isn't tired. The children are nice and diligent. The house is big. The teachers aren't tired. The old busses aren't good. The cat is black and hungry. The daughter is nice and young. The sons aren't old. The houses aren't old and small. The young children aren't diligent. I am a young woman. The men are tired. The countries are big.

8/1. This nice woman is a teacher. Those interesting people are students. These bad children aren't hungry. These tired students are diligent. That dog isn't hungry. Are these girls diligent? These children are good. That interesting book is black. Are these children thirsty? Are those teachers bad? This country is small. This young man is hungry. These old busses are good. These young women are nice. That little house is bright. Is this family happy? Is this young student tired? Is that old woman nice? That table isn't black. Aren't those houses black? No, they aren't. These teachers are young women. They aren't young women. This street isn't bright. Is this street bright? Isn't this street bright? Yes, it is. This man isn't a teacher. Isn't this man a teacher? Those teachers aren't tired.

9/1. she/he drinks, they sleep, they stand, you work, you play, they eat, she/he sleeps, we live, I know, you see, I stand, she cooks, they love, I play, you do, you make, they work

9/2. Does she drink? They sleep. Do they stand? Does he work? You play. Do they eat? She sleeps. Do we live? Do we know? Does she write? I stand. They love. Do you play? She eats. I stand. Do we live? Do you say? I know. Do you watch? You see. We like. Do you watch? I start. Do you call? Do they help? Does she cook? Do you watch? Do you start?

9/3. Where does she drink? When do they sleep? Where do you stand? How do you work? Where do you go? What do you like? Why do you stand? What do they like? Where do you play? Why do they eat? Why does he sleep? What do we like? What do you watch? When do I start? When do you speak? What do you play? When do they eat? Where does he sleep? Why do we live? What do we know? Why do you eat? How do we live? What do I know? What do you write? Where do they eat? When does he cook? How do you start? What do you watch? Where do you drink? Why do you stand? What do they like? What do you do? Why do you watch?

9/4. Don't they sleep? Don't they stand? Don't you work? Don't you play? Don't they eat? Doesn't she sleep? Do you live? Don't we know? Don't you see? Doesn't he drink? Don't you watch? Do you start? Don't we like? Don't you watch? Don't you start? Don't you stand? Don't they love? Don't you play? Does she sleep? Don't we live? Don't we know? Don't you see? Don't I stand? They don't love. Don't you do? Doesn't she speak? Do they help? Don't you speak? Don't they write? Don't they play?

9/5. When doesn't he drink? When don't they sleep? Where don't they stand? When doesn't she work? How don't you play? When don't they eat? Where doesn't she sleep? How don't we live? What do we know? When don't you start? When doesn't she cook? What do you watch? Why doesn't he stand? What do they like? Where don't you play? Why don't they eat? Why doesn't she sleep? Where don't they live? What doesn't he know? What don't you write? Why don't you sit? What don't they like? What don't you do? What don't you like? What doesn't she watch? Why don't you speak? When don't you read?

9/6. Elephants don't eat fish. Men love meat. Sri Lanka exports coffee. We don't work at night. The children know Harry Potter. Germans like dogs. We don't like cats. I don't speak English. I know the good books. Why don't dogs like cats?

9/7. British people wear uniform. I often work in the evening. We always ski in the winter. She lives in Hungary. We eat the soup hot. Peter lives in Budapest. The shops close in the evening.

9/8. They eat cereals in the morning. We speak much in the evening. They buy bread in the morning. The dog eats much in the evening. We ski always at the weekend. Daddy always works. Do you work much? What do you eat for breakfast? She doesn't ski in the winter. I don't watch TV in the evening. The boys sleep here. Why does Jane cook in the evenings? Do you work in the evenings? Does daddy eat fish? What does Bob cook? We don't read books. The dog doesn't sleep here. Why doesn't it work? Doesn't Bob sleep here? Why doesn't she sleep in the afternoon? They children always play football. I always learn in the afternoon. I drink much coffee. I don't eat fish in the morning. Why don't they eat fish? Why don't you play football in the evenings? I don't learn in the afternoons. When do you speak? Where do they play football? We often go to drink.

9/9. I like black cats. I think you eat much. I think she's very pretty. I think, I don't know the city. She thinks the cat is very hungry. I don't think she loves me. She feels she's thirsty. They don't like pop music. We like classical music. She feels ill.

9/10. Real Madrid play on Monday in Budapest. The British tourists arrive next week. They bus Nr. 7 comes at 7.30. When does the bus come from Tata?

9/11. I don't have a small house. You don't speak English. She doesn't know Hungary. He doesn't love Hungary. We don't play on the street. They don't help the teacher. We don't eat an orange in the mornings. She doesn't arrive at 6. He doesn't have a black cat. I don't like dogs. They don't wear glasses. This woman doesn't feel nice. She doesn't think of the children. The shop doesn't close at 7. The children don't play football every day. He doesn't talk much. I don't think much. Hungary doesn't export glasses. I don't start working in the morning. She doesn't tell nice stories.

9/12. Do we have a small house? Do you speak English? Does she know Hungary? Does he love Hungary? Do we play on the street? Do they help the teacher? Do we eat an orange in the mornings? Does she arrive at 6? Does he have a black cat? Does she like dogs? Do they wear glasses? Does this woman feel nice? Does she think of the children? Does the shop close at 7? Do the children play football every day? Does he talk much? Do I think much? Does Hungary export glasses? Do I start working in the morning? Does she tell nice stories? Do we always buy meat? Do we know this person?

9/13. I don't drink coffee in the morning. She never sleeps in the afternoon. We always ski in winter. We don't live in Hungary. The fathers aren't young. They don't wear uniform. She goes to Hungary every week. Dogs always sleep in autumn. British people don't like beer. The children never play football. I don't wear uniform in spring. She always talks. The cat never eats meat. It is always hot in summer. The shops close at 5. Do the tourists eat pizza? Do they sleep much? Does she wear a uniform? Do you think? I don't sleep at night. We generally use glasses. He eats meat. The tourists walk much in Budapest. Hungary doesn't export coffee. I always help the mothers. The daughter works in Hamburg. We love classical music. I don't like coffee. She often eats cereals.

9/15. sleep, feel, ski, are, eat, sleep, talks, are, work, does he do, likes, does he do, likes, does she always eat, doesn't, do you eat, do they present, do you play, don't

10/1. I always speak English. She never speaks English. We're usually at home in the evenings. They sometimes bring German books. She never cooks soup. They rarely come home. They often finish work on Friday. We play football regularly in the evening. We seldom speak English. The parents come every month. I watch the busses every day. I sometimes tell this story. I never watch TV in the evening. He sometimes helps the parents. I seldom drink coffee. I usually drive. They help every year. He's ill every month. He always eats the soup hot. She never buys cheap meat. When does he come home? When don't you eat meat? How often does he go to Cegléd? How often does she call you? How often do you speak? How often do you help? How often do you buy bread? How often do they go home? How often do you wear uniform? How often do you speak English? How often does the girl read? How often does that woman learn?

10/4. You like oranges, don't you? You don't like oranges, do you? You have a big house, don't you? We don't have a big house, do we? He buys bread here, doesn't he? You don't buy bread here, do you? You sleep at home at the weekend, don't you? You don't sleep at home at the weekend, do you? They drink water, don't they? You don't drink water, do you? You go skiing, don't you? You don't go skiing, do you? You cook fish, don't you? She doesn't cook fish, does she? They never watch TV in the evening, do they? She sometimes helps the parents, doesn't she? You seldom drink coffee, don't you? You usually drive, don't you? They help every year, don't they? You usually play football on Friday, don't you? We seldom speak English, don't we?

11/1. Drink water. Bring an orange. Come here. Finish work. Call mom. Go. Cook a soup. Help the parents. Love daddy. Do the homework. Play football. Sit down. Stand up. Speak Hungarian. Start the exercise. Tell the story. Watch TV. Work much. Close the door. Learn much. Think. Wear uniform. Use a knife.

Don't drink water. Don't bring an orange. Don't come here. Don't finish work. Don't call mom. Don't go. Don't cook a soup. Don't help the parents. Don't use a knife. Don't wear uniform. Don't sleep. Don't love daddy. Don't do the homework. Don't play football. Don't sit down. Don't stand up. Don't speak Hungarian. Don't start the exercise. Tell the story. Don't watch TV. Don't work much. Don't close the door. Don't learn much. Don't think.

11/2. Let's learn English. Let's speak loudly. Let's buy a fish. Let's drink milk. Let's present a watch. Let's call mom. Let's love the girls. Let's stand up. Let's live in Budapest. Let's not learn English. Let's not speak loudly. Let's not buy a fish. Let's not drink milk. Let's not present a watch. Let's not call mom. Let's not love the girls. Let's not stand up. Let's not live in Budapest.

11/3. Let her learn English. Let her speak. Let her buy a fish. Let her drink milk. Let her speak. Let her come here. Let her stand up. Let her be here. Let me be a child. Don't let her learn much. Don't let her speak. Don't let her eat fish. Don't let her drink milk. Don't let her call him. Don't let her come here. Don't let her stand up. Don't let her live here.

11/4. Let her go to bed. Don't go home. Don't drink the milk. Let's speak loudly. Let's be quite. Don't sleep much. Finish working. Let them drink milk. Let me know. Cook in the evening. Don't eat much in the morning. Let's call Peter. Write the teacher. Don't let him go. Let them eat the soup. Don't let them speak much.

12/1. in front of a houses, under the table, next to a man, for the women, to the car, on the bus, for a family, from the book, on the streets, above the table, on the watch, in the orange, in front of the glass, above the houses, before Christmas, from Solt, for the young woman, to the black car, in London, on the big bus, for a happy family, from the interesting book, on the little street, on the big table, on the new watch, in the sweet oranges, to Roma, in front of the little glass, above the old house, in front of the nice house, in an orange

12/2. Where are the small tables? Why don't you work in the garden? Where do you go in the evening? He doesn't like those films. Open that black box. Don't eat that orange. Do you like that boy? Sleep in this room. Let me eat this fish. How does he cook in this kitchen? The dog doesn't sleep on the table. Do they live in Pécs? How do you go to school? The cat sleeps at the door. The teacher closes the boxes. Do you like this sweet dog? Why don't you eat at the table? What do they speak about Hungarian women? Write that book. How do you drink Vodka? Don't close the door. Close this boring book. Don't let her cook in the evening. Jane doesn't like these girls. Where do the women sit? The man sleeps in that small room. We don't like big gardens. Eat the soup. I don't finish work at 5. Why don't you help the children? What does this nice woman tell? Where do the little dogs live? When do they help in the garden? How do you cook this soup? When do you come here?

13/1. your dog, her son, his daughter, our box, their cat, our street, her orange, your teacher, my glasses, your car, their watches, your mother, my coffee, your cereals, your weekend, our soup, his meat, my little fish, your nice dog, her young son, his old daughter, our black box, their young cat, our bright street, her sweet orange, your good teacher, my little glasses, your black car, their modern watches, your nice mother, my black coffee, your delicious cereals, your long weekend, our hot soup

13/2. Bring here the hot soup, please. I don't go to your shop. Why don't you sometimes cook spicy meat? The student doesn't do his homework. Where do they drink coffee in the morning? Let's eat her sweet orange. Finish your work this evening. Where are their children? They often go out to eat at the weekend. He has a big, red house. I know her/his parents. I don't know her/his parents. Why don't you like your small car? We like our diligent and nice students. What do you make for Christmas? Don't play football in our yard. Why do you always speak loudly? People start their work at 8 am. Stand up on his chair. Tell her/his parents this interesting story. Don't watch always your watch. Let's not buy their cheap furniture. Why don't you buy their expensive house? When do you close your shop at the weekend? Jane doesn't ski in our city in winter. Don't present books your parents. We think much about your stories. Men love their wives. Aren't your children thirsty after school? Young women love their husbands. Our daughters dance here. Jane doesn't like my old furniture. Do you help our doctor? Don't help his friend. Does his dog live on the street? When does your film start? Eat your apple. Put the watches in your baggage. Do you like my children? Why doesn't she close your door? Put your black bag on the little table. A nice girl opens our door. They live in my nice room. Read their interesting books. Do you like his long films? Don't drink her water. Where are your children? Let your books here on the table. What do you do in your room? Don't bring your old dog home. Doesn't your father sleep at home? Let's go to your parents together today. Tell the story. Don't feed my cat, please. Give me my book, please.

13/4. te, téged, neked, ti, titeket, nektek, Ön, Öt, Önnek, Önök, Önöket, Önöknek

14/1. There's a river in the city. It's wide and clean. There're bridges over the river. They're long and modern. There're eight museums in the downtown. They're famous. There're two Greek restaurants near the river. They're new and cosy. There're three international hotels in Sopron. They're in the Bear Street, too.

14/3. There aren't girls in the room. Is there a car here? Yes, there is. No, there isn't. Your father is in the room. There's a book on your table. Are there high houses in your street? Yes, there are. Is it his table? No, it isn't. There's a hotel there. There're young men in your kitchen. He's old but happy. The children are in the shop. Are there two people in the restaurant? Yes, there're two women there. Are the pens in your bag? Are the children in their room? There's a lovely dog here. It's hot here. Is it hot here? Are they your children? Is there a book in that bag? There isn't. There is. Isn't she in the kitchen? Yes, she's there! They are his friends. There's a little black box on his table. Are they children tired, too? There's a dog in your car.

15/1. Sok pénzed van otthon. Három bátyja van. Van egy szép kocsija. Van egy édes narancsunk. Nincs szép házam Pécsett. Nincs sok pénzed van otthon. Nincs Három bátyja. Nincs szép kocsija. Nincs édes narancsunk. Van egy kis házad Pécsett? Sok pénzed van otthon? Három bátyja van? Van egy szép kocsija? Van egy édes narancsunk?

15/2. He has a dog. Do you have a house? Yes, I have. She has much money. We have a hotel. We have an English dog. He has Hungarian friends. Do you have time? Does he have a big table? She has three children. I don't have a friend. He doesn't have a dog. Do you have a big house? No, I don't. She doesn't have friends. Don't you have time? He doesn't have much money. We don't have a hotel. We don't have an English dog. He doesn't have a big table. She doesn't have three children.

15/3. 2. There's an old man in the shop. He's your father. He has a nice car. 3. There are little cats in the garden. They're very lovely. They've red balls. 4. There's a tired tourist in the hotel. He is not German. He has a Hungarian guide. 5. There're British players on the street. They aren't polite very much. They've expensive cars. 6. There're many fish in Balaton. They aren't big but delicious. They have sweet meat. 7. There's a lovely family in our street. They're often tired. They've an old car and a new house. 8. There're three busses next to the university. They're modern and big. They have red seats and black windows.

15/4. There's a man on the street. Aren't your dogs tired very much? We don't have a dog. It's a very small hotel. It's a new car. The hotel has 23 rooms. Where are the rooms? They're there. My friend has a big room. I don't have an ill friend. Why is there a man in our garden? Isn't there hot tea in the glass? There isn't. It's very hot. There's a red box on the chair. Where are you? I'm behind the garden. There's a book on your table, isn't there? Do we have cereals at home?


- It's not a city.

- What is it then?

- It's a small village.

- Is it? Is there a restaurant in here?

- I don't know. But there's a small park in it.

- But I'm hungry!

- I see. Let's go into this hotel. There's a restaurant here, too.

- All right. Where's the receptionist?

- Ring.

- God afternoon. What can I help you?

- I would like to eat something.

- Come in. We have tomato soup and chicken meat with potato. Is it all right?

- No, I don't like tomato soup. Do you have mushroom soup?

- I'm afraid, we don't.

- No problem, bring me the menu than, please!

- Here you are.

17/1. to me, toward you, because of him, about you, for us, in front of her, for her, me, you, you, to you, in front of it, from them, you, on it, for them, him

17/2. You always help him. They always speak about her. You do the shopping with her. He always looks for his cat. You go out with her. She always closes the window. He feels love for her. We often present them books. You learn English with them. Do you help him? Do they always speak about her? Do you do the shopping with him? Does he look for his cat? Do you go out with her? Does she close the window? Does she feel love for him? Do you always present them glasses? Do you learn with them? When do you help him? Why do they always speak about her? Where do you do the shopping with him? Where does he look for his cat? Where do you go out with her? Why does she close the window? What do you feel for him? What do you present them? What do you learn with them? When don't you help him? Why don't they always speak about her? Where don't you sleep with him? Why doesn't he look for his cat? Where don't you go out with her? Why doesn't she close the window? Why don't you feel love for him? What don't you present them? What don't you learn with them?

20/1. He has his birthday on 5th of March. I don't work in December. I work with him on 3rd of May. Where does he spend the 31st of December? Why don't you relax in July? My 20th birthday is today. She is my second wife. It's my first expensive watch. Do you have twenty thousand forints? What day does your father work on? How old are you? How old are your parents? In which month does the university start? He's Silvia's 5th husband. I don't learn much in the 9th class. It's only the first day on our holiday. Why don't you read a book yearly? He's three million HUF in the bank. He meets him on 5th of February. They relax much in January.

21/1. My father has a car. After school I have a slice of bread with some tomatoes on it. Tom has 3 pieces of luggage. Jane always has a cup of coffee after lunch. There are two bottles of milk on the table. I always have a glass in my car. Do you have two brothers?

21/2. They have some dogs. They've four dogs. I eat two slices of bread. Do you drink your coffee with much milk? I give them some oranges. Where is that much luggage? There're some watches on the table. My son has two boxes of Lego. Where is the bottle of milk? I read some books every year. There's some beer in the glass. Give him some money. I drink two cups of coffee. Don't drink that little milk. They don't have much money. He doesn't like warm water. Give him a glass of water. I have some good books. There's coffee there. There's no fuel in the tank. I have three interesting news. She gives him much good advice. I always take two pieces of luggage with me. Much information only confuses you. How many pieces of baggage do you take? Give me 2 kilos of sugar, please! How many kilogram of flour do we have at home? How much flour do you buy? Are two pounds three kilos? How much information does she give? How many bottles of milk do they drink? How many boxes of Greek cheese do we have at home? I buy three cartons of water. Why do you drink so much milk? Many children don't eat potato unfortunately. Much meat isn't good for you.

22/1. he drank, they slept, you stood, you worked, she played, they ate, she slept, we lived, we knew, you saw, I stood, they loved, we drove, they ate, they slept, we lived, we knew, you saw, we stood, they brought, you made, I said, you watched, I started, we liked, I watched, you started, you brought, you drank, she cooked, you stood, I fell

22/2. Did she drink? Did they sleep? Did they stand? Did you work? Did she live? They ate. Did she read? Did we live? Did we know? You saw. Did we live? We knew. You saw. You stood. Did you love? Did you do? I stood. Did they love? Did you play? Did they eat? Did they sleep? Did you read? Did you watch? Did I start? Did we like? I watched. You started. Did you call? Did they help? She cooked. Did you stand? Did you love?

22/3. Where did she drink? When did they sleep? How did you work? How did you buy? Why did she bring? When did you call? What did you see? Why did you stand? What did she love? Where did you play? Why did they eat? Why did she sleep? Why did she sleep? What did we like? What did you watch? When did I start? Where did they stand? What did you play? When did they eat? Where did she sleep? Where did they live? What did we know? When did they come? Where did you live? What did they know? Why you see? How did they stand? What did he love? What did you do? What did you watch? When did you start? How did he cook?

22/4. Didn't she drink? Didn't they sleep? Didn't they stand? Didn't you work? Didn't you play? Didn't they eat? She didn't sleep. Didn't we live? We didn't know. Didn't you see? Didn't we like? Didn't you watch? I didn't start. Didn't you like? Didn't I watch? Didn't you relax? Didn't they love? You didn't play. Didn't they eat? Didn't they sleep? Didn't we live? Didn't we know? Didn't you see? She didn't stand. Didn't you love? Didn't you do? Didn't you start? Didn't they help? Didn't she cook? Didn't you stand? They didn't love.

22/5. When didn't you drink? Why didn't they sleep? Where didn't they stand? When didn't you work? What didn't she play? When didn't they eat? Where didn't he sleep? Where didn't we live? Why didn't we know it? Why didn't you start it? When didn't she cook? What didn't I see? Why didn't you stand? What didn't they like? Where didn't you play? Why didn't they eat? Why didn't she sleep? Where didn't we live? Why didn't we know it? What didn't you see? Why didn't you stand? What didn't they like? What didn't you do? What didn't you see?

22/6. Why did you go to the shop? She lived in Vienna last year. Did she live in Vienna last year? I called my mother on Friday. When did you call her? I didn't speak to her yesterday. Did you speak to her yesterday? What did you do last winter? What didn't you do last winter? Did she read a newspaper yesterday? The girl left the flower on the table in the morning. The girl didn't leave the flower on the table in the morning. Mom sold some old tables last week. He wrote a letter in the evening. I didn't meet him on Thursday. What did they play in the garden? She drove home in the morning. He slept on the bench yesterday. He took my book in the evening. My brother had many dogs. Where did you play? He drank a lot yesterday. Why did he drink a lot yesterday? He didn't drink a lot yesterday. Did he drink a lot yesterday? No, he didn't drink a lot. We worked in the garden and laughed a lot. She paid him 200 pound in the morning. She didn't pay 200 pound yesterday. Why didn't she pay? Because she didn't have money. When did Jane finish her book? Where did your father go yesterday? Where did you put the money in the morning? What did they buy on the market in the afternoon? Did your dog sleep in your bed? Where did you meet her? My friend stayed in this hotel last year. Why did you eat that bread? I didn't eat it. When did Kennedy die?

22/7. It didn't last for long. She skied in her childhood. Did he live in Europe? I learnt Spanish for years. I didn't go home in 1990. I worked in the army from 1990 to 1992.

22/8. When did you go to the secondary school? He always played at home. Where did he play? You always cooked well. Where did you dance in your childhood? I didn't dance. Did he visit you before? I swam a lot before work. I didn't ask him for money. Did you often finish work after 7 pm? We met every week. We travelled to Spain every year.

22/9. Mikor Győrbe jártam iskolába, csodálatos éveket töltöttem ott.Mindig a barátommal, Kate-tel töltöttem a délutánjaimat. Focizott és kézilabdázott velem, hétvégenként úszni jártunk és együtt olvastunk könyvet a kertben. Anyu mindig finom ételeket főzött nekünk, pl. csokitortát és palacsintát. Szerettük a cseresznye levesét is. Esténként néha TV-t néztünk és zenét hallgattunk. Este 7 után ment haza apukájával.

22/11. Did your son become a doctor in Mai? She started the letter at 9 am. We broke the glass yesterday. They built a house in the summer. She burnt the fish on Wednesday. They bought a nice flower on Tuesday. The cat caught a mouse today. I chose a good car in 2000. He came home from abroad in the winter. The vegetable cost much in my childhood. When did you cut your hand? We did this exercise yesterday. They drank some beer in the morning. I always drove to work. We ate some vegetable with them. My mom fell last week. We felt good in the evening. I found some money in the evening. We never flew to the USA in the winter. I always forgot her name. My mom forgave me in March. We got a big chocolate from them. They gave them much money last year. We often went abroad in my childhood. They children grew a lot in the last two years. Your teacher always had many books. I heard a funny story yesterday. He beat a man worked he was in the army. He always gave money to his children. He knew everything about you unfortunately. He never learnt enough. My parents left the country in 1993. He lent his car two years ago. When he lost his key I didn't go with him. We met her parents many times. When I paid I put the money on the table. When the phone rang I ran into the house. I saw your colleagues in the office building in the evening. I spoke to them after work. I told them this problem. When they sold me the house they showed the garden, too. When they sent them the letter they shouted much. I sat down on a little chair and I was spending there some minutes after that. When we bought the sour cream and the sausage, we didn't have shopping bag with us.

22/12. Where did you spend the afternoon, you when I called you? When granny told funny stories, we laughed a lot. Why didn't you answer when the teacher asked you? When I called her, she didn't answer anything. What did he say when you presented him a picture? Why didn't you call when you left Greece? When I chose this furniture, my wife bought a carpet.

22/13. You ate an orange in the morning, didn't you? You didn't eat an orange in the morning, did you? You had a big house, didn't you? You didn't have a big house, did you? She bought a bread yesterday, didn't she? She didn't buy a bread yesterday, did she? You slept at home at the weekend, didn't you? You didn't sleep at home at the weekend, did you?

23/1. We were students. I was a teacher. It was a fish. We were hungry. They were good. It was a glass. They were glasses. We were nice. It was a child. It was a man. It was a cat. It was a woman. It was a table. She was a student. They were tourists.

23/2. We weren't students. I wasn't a teacher. It wasn't interesting. We weren't good. It wasn't a boy. They weren't bad. He wasn't hungry. They weren't men. It wasn't a box. We weren't diligent. It wasn't a fish. They weren't children. It wasn't a table. You weren't old. They weren't the children. It wasn't me. They weren't tourists. You weren't nice. It wasn't a man. You weren't students. It wasn't a book. She wasn't my mother. It wasn't a bus.

23/3. Were you students? Were you a teacher? Was it interesting? Were you good? It was a boy. Were they bad? Was he hungry? Were we diligent? It was a fish. Were they children? Was it a table? Were they old? Were you nice? Was it a man? Were you tired? Was she a parent? She was my mother. Was it a bus? Were they tourists? They were men. Was the baby nice?

23/4. Weren't you students? Weren't you a teacher? Wasn't it interesting? You weren't good. Wasn't it a boy? Weren't they bad? Wasn't he hungry? Weren't they diligent? Wasn't it a fish? They weren't the children. Wasn't it a table? Weren't they old? Weren't you nice? Wasn't it a cat? Weren't you hungry? Wasn't she a parent? She wasn't my mother. Wasn't it a bus? Weren't they tourists?

23/5. You weren't hungry, were you? She was your colleague, wasn't she? He wasn't sleepy, was he? The film was good, wasn't it? It was an important meeting, wasn't it? It wasn't good quality, was it? The shower was clean, wasn't it? The receptionist wasn't there, was he? The chicken was delicious, wasn't it? The commode wasn't cheap, was it? There was much homework, wasn't there? The houses weren't big, were they? There weren't any secondary schools in the village, were there? The house wasn't bright, was it? It was a happy family, wasn't it? She was satisfied with you, wasn't she? You were thirsty, weren't you? The pasta was spiced, wasn't it? The young student wasn't tired, was he? The old woman wasn't lovely, was she? The teachers weren't at school, were they?

23/6. were, missed, spent, was, were, were, visited, did you stay, don't like, stayed, didn't go, cooked, bought, prepared, went, was, wasn't, was, did you eat, ate, sounds, did you visit, were, went, had

24/1. I found a mouse last Thursday. I gave her much money last week. I didn't sell my car last year. Why did you shout last time? Where did you go last Sunday? I often watched TV last week. I didn't swim in Balaton a year ago. He left his wife two years ago. He fell three years ago. He was only eight years old ten years ago. People didn't have cars a hundred years ago. There weren't any cherries in Europe one thousand years ago. I read a newspaper every week. I travelled to Spain every month. She asked me for money every Friday. We drove to work every day. We met our friends every autumn. We went to the museum this week. I stayed in a hotel this month. I didn't go to the dentist this year. Your friends drank a lot this weekend. The children played much at home this spring.

25/1. I do exercises from 17.25 every day. The guests arrive always at 4 o'clock. They were busy from 3 to 5 pm today. She arrived/got there only by 9 pm. He lived in New York for four years. I don't eat after 6 pm. My husband never gets home before 11 pm. His train arrives at the Western Railway Station at 5.45 pm. Have breakfast by 9.20 am. I learnt this story for 25 minutes but I don't know it. Why did you call him before 2 pm? I never call them before 6 pm. Are you ready by half past 9? By that time, I'm not but by 10 for sure. Why do you have shower for 20 minutes? I spent the winter from the 3rd to the 7th of January in Miskolc. We left for the feasts on Monday. Keep quiet for only 2 minutes. What time do you get to work? Since Tuesday by quarter to eight. Why exactly since Tuesday? Because I use public transport.

26/1. I have lunch at 11 am and not at half past twelve. Did you go home in the afternoon? Not in the evening? The children played not on the sofa but on the carpet. Did they eat out yesterday? Not at home? I speak about you and not about her. She got this scarf from her parents and not from him. I went to bed after midnight not at 11.35 pm. My new jacket is brown and not beige.

27/1. There are four green cars. How many children danced yesterday? Two children danced. How much water is there in the glass? There isn't much water in it. There isn't little water in it. How much food do you buy? I always buy much food. How much time do they have? They have 12 minutes. How much milk do the children drink in the morning? They drink two glasses of milk. How much money did your daughter have? She had three thousand dollars. How many black doors do you make a day? How much place is there in your garden? There are twenty square metres. How many people dance there daily? I don't know. What do you think? How many children do you have? I have one son and two daughters. How many boxes do you have? Do you have three boxes? No, we don't have many boxes. How much would you like to drink? I wouldn't like to drink much/a lot. I wouldn't like to drink little. How many friends does she have? She has three good friends. Do you read many papers a day? Not many. Only some/few. How many glasses are there on the table? There's much water here. There's little water here. How many shops are open on Saturday? Not many are open. How many dogs do they have?

27/2. Does your friend drink a lot? We have much time. The glasses are on the table. We don't eat many apples every day. Lots of flowers live in our garden. A lot of water is in that bottle there. I didn't drink much beer. Some women don't cook a lot.

27/3. The teacher doesn't have many children but she has many brothers. How many rooms are there in your house? We had four rooms. They have a car, too. How many books did you find? Don't some children like chocolate? Many children loved it. My son didn't. Don't give him much water. We don't cook much on Monday and on Tuesday. How many adults drink coffee? There were many flowers in your window. There isn't milk in the shop. Many children live in this house. How many sleep in this bed? I don't have much money with me. Many people aren't happy. A lot of men are very tired on Saturdays. Many aren't. Did you have many friends? How many square metre is your flat? Many tourists didn't arrive in the hotel. Only few funny students go to this high/secondary school. But some do. My parents spent many great days in Europe this year. Only few birds don't move back to Europe in spring. You can find pubs open in many villages before 6 am. Not many wear sweater and tie anymore. There wasn't unfortunately much food for the men in the army.

28/1. They'll live. You'll read. You'll go out. He'll help. I'll buy. He'll fall asleep. You'll make up. They'll speak. They'll meet. You'll write. I'll speak. He'll relax. You'll come. We'll wash. He'll think. I'll answer. She'll comb. We'll laugh. You'll hear. She'll listen to. He'll forget.

28/2. They won't live. You won't read. You won't go out. He won't help. I won't buy. He won't fall asleep. You won't make up. They won't speak. They won't meet. You won't write. I won't speak. She won't relax. You won't come. We won't wash. She won't think. I won't answer. She won't comb. We won't laugh. You won't hear. She won't listen to. She won't forget.

28/3. Will they live? Will you read? Will you go out? She will help. Will you buy? Will she fall asleep? Will you make up? Will they speak? Will they meet? Will you write? I'll speak. Will she relax? You'll come. Will we wash? She'll think. I'll answer. Will she comb? Will we laugh? Will you hear? Will she listen to? She will forget.

28/4. They won't live. Won't you read? Won't you go out? Won't she help? Won't you buy? Won't she fall asleep? You won't make up. They won't speak. Won't they meet? Won't you write? Won't you speak? Won't he relax? Won't you come? Won't you wash? Won't she think? I won't answer. Won't she comb? Won't we laugh? You won't hear. Won't he listen to? She won't forget.

28/5. You'll love your husband, won't you? You won't love another man, will you? You won't have a big house, will you? We'll have a big house, won't we? You'll buy some bread, won't you? You won't buy a bed, will you? They'll bring some water, won't they? They won't bring some water, will they? She'll ski, won't she? She won't ski, will she? We'll cook a fish, won't we? We won't cook a fish, will we? You'll feed the elephant, won't you? You won't play football with us, will you? You won't wear a hut at the party, will you? You won't use the old knife of grandpa, will you? You won't speak about him over his head, will you?

28/7. We hope, you'll listen to our music. I'm sure, they'll rent the house. We think they'll sell them the local school. Why do you think that they'll come in the evening? Are you sure that we'll dance in the red room? Maybe we'll do sport in the winter as well. Will you take a slice of cheese? When will you cook a mushroom soup for me? Maybe he'll be tired when he arrives.

28/8. I didn't see daddy today, I'll call him. I don't know the answer, I'll ask her. Your older sister is very sad, I'll dance with her. This waiter is very kind, I'll give him a tip. Your teacher's very old, I'll help him tomorrow. "I'm very tired". "I'll cook a tea for you." "We're hungry." "I'll order something."

28/9. When will we visit your parents? Where will he sleep tomorrow night? Will you call your brother? When will you take some bread? How many people will help us? Where will you meet them? Will you come, too? Will you tell them this story, too? Will you fly to Vienna?

28/10. Will you bring my books here, please? Will you drive a bit now? Will you cook a coffee for me, please? Will you run with me in the park in the afternoon? Will you read the children anything? Will you listen to my new song? Will you dance with her, too, please?


- I don't know. Maybe there won't be cars anymore; all people will drive small electric planes.

- Ah, it's a quite brave thought. Do you think the industry will be so developed?

- Maybe, it will.

- And what will we eat?

- We won't cook meal anymore, we'll take small pills, and these will contain vitamins and all sorts of nutrients.

- And where will we buy them?

- We'll order everything; there won't be shops, either.

- Ah, I don't think so.

- People want to do the shopping and have fun.

- I don't. But many people do.

- OK. I think, we won't learn foreign languages, because they'll build chips into our heads, these will translate the texts automatically.

- Don't be silly.

28/12. When I get home, I'll make a delicious dinner. I won't forgive him until he calls me. I won't eat the ice cream until my brother comes home. I'll stay at this workplace until I find another job. Don't forget to buy some sausages when you go to the shop. We'll go to a psychologist when Kate needs it. As soon as he falls asleep we'll go to bed, too. As soon as she wakes up I'll com her hair. I don't leave the house until I make up. The little boy will shout until he gets food. I wouldn't like to meet them until they invite me. I'll ear much money when I work abroad. They'll leave as soon as you ask them for some help. I won't drive until you buy me a new Ford. Paul won't leave the country until his children finish high school. I can forgive you after you apologize to me. They'll stay in this little hotel until they visit all museums in the town. Call me when you try to leave for Pécs. I'll speak to him English until he understands it. He'll wash his teeth until they are white. As soon as you get dressed, have breakfast. Before they fall asleep they'll call their parents. Until I wash the bathtub, don't sit into it. I won't be good at maths until I can practise it with a private tutor. As soon as I reach my boss I'll tell him this gossip.

29/1. When can you help him? How can you speak English? He can't buy an expensive house. We can rent a small flat in Milan. When can you come to us? We can't spend much money this month. He can start the exercise before 10 am. Where can they turn in this street? Can you swim in the sea? Can we go out today? Where can I change money in the city? Can you dance Samba? When can you pay him? When can you speak to them? Why can't you answer nicely? We can make many things together. You can speak a lot about it. We can't. Where can we meet tonight? Who can sleep here?

29/2. When couldn't you help him? How could he speak English? He couldn't buy an expensive house. We couldn't rent a room in Milan. When couldn't you go to them? We couldn't spend much money this month. He couldn't start the exercise before 10 am. Where could they turn in this street? Could you swim in the sea? Were you able to go out today? Where were you able to change money in the city? Couldn't you dance Samba? When were you able to pay him? How were you able to speak to them like this? Why couldn't you answer nicely? We could make many things together. Could you speak about it much? We couldn't. Where were you able to meet her tonight? Who couldn't sleep here?

29/3. When will you be able to help him? How will he be able to speak English? He won't be able to buy an expensive house. We won't be able to rent a small flat in Milan. When will you be able to go to them? We won't be able to spend much money this month. He won't be able to start the exercise before 10 am. Where will they be able to turn in this street? Will you be able to swim in the sea? Will you be able to go out today? Where will you be able to change money in the city? Will you be able to dance Samba? When will you be able to pay him? How will you be able to speak to them like this? Why will you be able to answer nicely? We will you be able to make many things together. Will you be able to speak about it much? We won't. Where will you be able to you meet her tonight? Who will be able to sleep here?


- When will you be able to forgive him?

- I won't be.

- But you were able 10 years ago.

- But I won't this time.

- You will, believe me.

- If you say so.

29/5. can, can, can, couldn't, could, could, could, could, can, could, could

30/1. I must finish my work because I don't want my boss to be angry/ because I don't want that my boss is angry. I must go home early because I would like to watch sport on TV. I must wash my uniform because I would like to wear it tomorrow. I must learn much because I have an exam next week. I must go to Switzerland and I must see those beautiful cities. I must bring the books from my friend because I must read them. I must talk to this person. I must see that pretty woman. I must ask somebody about this famous building, it can be very interesting.

30/2. I don't have to finish my work because my boss is abroad. I don't have to go home early because there isn't sport on TV today. I don't have to wash my uniform because I wouldn't like to wear it tomorrow. I don't have to learn much because I don't have an exam next week. I don't have to go to Switzerland because there are beautiful cities in Hungary, too. I don't have to bring the books from my friend because I read them last year. I don't have to talk to this person because I don't know him. I don't have to ask anybody about this famous building, I know it, too.

30/3. I had to finish my work because my boss was angry. I had to go home early because I wanted to watch sport on TV. I had to wash my uniform because I would like to wear it at the weekend. I had to learn much because I had an exam. I had to go to Switzerland and I had to see those beautiful cities. I had to bring the books from my friend because I had to read them. I had to talk to that person. I had to see that pretty woman. I had to ask somebody about this famous building, it was very interesting.

30/4. I didn't have to finish my work because my boss was abroad. I didn't have to go home early because there wasn't sport on TV today. I didn't have to wash my uniform because I didn't want to wear it. I didn't have to learn much because I didn't have an exam. I didn't have to go to Switzerland because there are beautiful cities in Hungary, too. I didn't have to bring the books from my friend because I read them last year. I didn't have to talk to this person because I didn't know him. I didn't have to ask anybody about this famous building, I knew it, too.

30/5. You must eat the soup, too. You must finish this project today.Car drivers must drive slowly in the city. Everybody must obey the traffic policemen. Truck drivers must have a rest when they're tired. They students must bring their books to school. He must arrive at the lesson on time. You must be 18 years old to marry. Bikers must wear helmets.

30/6. You don't have to eat the soup, either. You don't have to finish this project this evening. Drivers don't have to drive slowly in the county. He doesn't have to obey you. Truck drivers don't have to have a rest when they aren't tired. They students don't have to bring their books to school. He doesn't have to arrive at the lesson on time today. You don't have to be 18 years old to marry in Pakistan. Bikers don't have to wear helmets when they park.

30/7. Don't I have to eat the soup, either? Don't you have to finish this project this evening? Don't drivers have to drive slowly in the county? Doesn't she have to obey you? Don't truck drivers have to have a rest when they aren't tired? Don't the students have to bring their books to school? Doesn't he have to arrive at the lesson on time today? Don't you have to be 18 years old to marry in Pakistan? Don't bikers have to wear helmets when have a rest?

30/8. You must taste this drink, I made it yesterday! You must travel to Crete; we had a wonderful holiday there! She must read this book; I read it last year as well! You must try to ride the horse, it was very exciting. You must visit the zoo in the spring; my sister praised it a lot, too!

30/9. We have to finish work at short date. I have enough money; you don't have to pay for the coffee. Tom was your uncle. You have to speak at his funeral. I have to go to Oslo. The conference begins on Monday. You have to apologise to them. You were very rude to them. Kim has diabetes. She has to be careful with sugared food. You have to wait when the traffic light is red. I have to stay in a hotel for some days. She has to buy the tickets today because they'll run out. You have to speak about your plans before the management. My sister has to go on the university because her father-in-law would like it very much. I have to buy some bread for my granny because she can't walk. I have to rent a car because busses don't run in the 10th district today. You don't have to worry; I'll arrange everything in the morning in advance. She has to take a taxi because she's late. We have to wait for them at five to two at the station. My aunt has to have breakfast in a salad bar because she doesn't have any bread at home. She didn't have to find another flat because the landlord renewed the contract on Tuesday. I didn't have to speak about this case because my sister-in-law arranged the matter yesterday. I have to take an umbrella as well too because it started to rain. We don't have to walk long because the station is near the college. Why don't my cousins have to eat the spinach? Because they don't have to learn so much for the exam. Where do I have to go? If you want to fend for your family, you have to find a good job. How many times do I have to tell you that you are nice? She has to take care of her because she's her daughter. You didn't have to go to school yesterday but you forgot it.

31/1. Where mustn't I swim? I mustn't park here because it's banned. She mustn't carry it through. Why mustn't I call her? Because we mustn't disturb her before 5 pm. We mustn't ride the bike in this village. Jack mustn't overwork because his heart is sick. You mustn't cross the road when the light is red. We mustn't hurt our boss because he'll avenge it. You mustn't help her grandfather because he was very mean to you. I mustn't forget his birthday because I forgot it last year as well. Who mustn't enter the hall? Why mustn't we sell our new horse? You mustn't keep yourself on / stick to this strict diet. The tenants mustn't renew this contract. Tourists mustn't take taxi in Budapest because it's very expensive and tricky. Why mustn't we arrange this matter today? You mustn't fend for your adult children. My parents mustn't arrive untimely because they'll see the surprise. You mustn't be good at everything because many people are envious. You mustn't be in love with him because he's an unfair man. It mustn't happen. You mustn't buy built-in furniture into this small kitchen. We mustn't have thoughts like these. Children mustn't eat ice-cream in November. Daddy mustn't try to ski so many times, he always breaks his leg. You mustn't wish them bad things. The dog mustn't sleep on the sofa. You mustn't play the violin at night. The students mustn't sit down and relax during the P.E. lesson. Where mustn't I sit down? You mustn't take her advice; she doesn't know everything about this matter. You mustn't bring a third mark in literature anymore, my son.

32/1. She should take extra lessons. He shouldn't eat sweets. They should do exercises. She should go to a travel agency. He should propose to her. They should divorce. He shouldn't work much.

32/2. What should we do in this hard situation? Helen missed the bus yesterday. She should wake up at 6 am tomorrow. I don't know. Should I stay or should I go? The teacher didn't accept his test. Should we help him? You should take her advice; he's a very intelligent person. You shouldn't accept his offer, it's unfair. Passengers should fasten the seat belts because the trip is dangerous. Where should we go this afternoon? Who should cook? Which cloth should I put on? Everyone should stand up during the anthem. Your dogs shouldn't run about in the middle of the street. Not every student should take part in the excursion. Shouldn't you take care of your parents?

33/1. My father may be in the library. They may not travel tomorrow. Tom may work at Siemens. They may not come to school today. My cousin may not go to the mountains. Your watch may be in the bathroom. The peach may not be mellow.


- I saw Mr. and Mrs. Kiss today. She had a red dress and shoes with high heels. They may go to the theatre.

- I don't think so. His wife is not an intelligent woman. She may visit her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law may have birthday today. As I know she is over 40. She may be only 39 years old.

- She looks more. She may smoke much that's why she looks old. Or she may not do any sport.

- I think she does. I can often see her in trainers and jogging suit on the street. She may run. Or she may go out in secret. What a strange woman!

33/3. My father-in-law may go on business to Austria. They might sleep at home at the weekend. Where's mom in every break? She may smoke on the balcony. What is this noise? The cat might run about in the garage. I can never find my boss at 11 o'clock in the office. He may have lunch in the canteen this time. I might meet a lovely boy today. Where can his parents be? They might be in the shop. When will your younger sister come? She may get here after work. "When will you cook a fruit soup?" "I may have time in the morning."

33/4. May I take the book out of your bag? May I take my girlfriend for the dinner? May we hit this stupid guy? May I switch off the TV? May I bring a slice of cake? May I throw away this old box? May I ask him, too? May I iron his shirts? May my grandchildren take part in the excursion as well? May the groom kiss the bride before the wedding night? May I take care of your dogs while you're abroad? May my son taste the soup? May we invite our friends, too? May I call your ex-wife? Daddy, may I get a new mobile? May we cook pasta with cheese and broccoli? May I ask you something? May she put on your banded scarf? May my younger sister try to ski, too? May I invite you to the cinema?

35/1. He's drinking. They're sleeping. They're relaxing. You're working. You're playing. They're eating. She's sleeping. It's raining. We're ringing. I'm feeding. He's sitting. I'm waiting. They're speaking. You're playing. You're doing. They're running about. You're entering. I'm starting. We're writing. You're watching. You're swimming. You're making. They're helping. She's cooking. I'm standing. They're having fun.

35/2. Is she drinking? Are they sleeping? Are they relaxing? Are you working? Are you playing? Are they eating? Is she sleeping? It's raining. Are they ringing? Are you feeding? Is he sitting? You are waiting. Are they speaking? Are you playing? Are you doing? They're running about. Are you entering? He's starting. Is she walking? Are they writing? Are you watching? Is he swimming? Are you making? Are they helping? Is he cooking? Is it standing? You're having fun.

35/3. Where is she drinking? How are they sleeping? Where are they standing? How are you working? When are you coming? What is she speaking? Why am I standing? What are they playing? Where are you playing? Why are they eating? Why is she sleeping? What is he taking off? What are you watching? What are you starting? Why are you calling me? What is she playing? What are they eating? Where is she sleeping? Where are they living? What are you working? Why are you eating? How are we living? What are you watching? What are you writing? Why are you standing? What are they playing? What are you doing? What are you watching?

35/4. Isn't she drinking? Aren't they sleeping? She isn't taking it off. You aren't working. Aren't you playing? Aren't they eating? Isn't she sleeping? They aren't running about. Aren't you entering? Aren't we starting? We aren't writing. We aren't swimming. Isn't it raining? They aren't ringing. You aren't feeding. Isn't he sitting? Aren't you waiting? They aren't speaking. Aren't you playing? Aren't you doing? Isn't she calling? Aren't they helping? Isn't she watching?

35/5. What isn't she drinking? Where aren't they sleeping? Why aren't we relaxing? How aren't you working? Where aren't you playing? What aren't they eating? Why isn't she sleeping? Where isn't it raining? Why aren't they ringing? Why aren't you spending it? How isn't she sitting? Where aren't you waiting? Why aren't they speaking? What aren't you playing? What aren't you doing? Where aren't they running about? Where aren't you entering? Why aren't you starting? Where aren't we writing? What aren't you watching? Where aren't you swimming? Why aren't you calling me? Where aren't they helping? What isn't she cooking? Why aren't they standing? Where aren't they having fun?

35/6. You're eating an orange, aren't you? You aren't eating an orange, are you? Your dog is barking, isn't it? Your dog isn't barking, is it? Daddy's carrying the luggage, isn't he? Daddy isn't carrying the luggage, is he?

35/7. Darling, where are you and what are you doing? I'm having lunch with my parents. What are you wearing on your head? Why are you looking at me like this? Is everybody watching TV? I'm not sitting in front of the computer. Who is waiting for them? Are you working today? Why aren't you taking an umbrella with you? Where are they travelling to? I can see, they're running about a lot. What are you watching? Are you talking about us?

35/8. The management's working on the latest plans. Why are they doing sport so hard nowadays? Jack's learning diligently now because he would like to get a first. You're working too much these days. Why are the prices rising? Why are you behaving like this nowadays? Is your brother-in-law learning to play tennis? He's living and working as a waiter in Moscow.

35/9. My daughter is buying those trainers next week, which she saw in the shop on Monday morning. Come with me, we're skating with the guys on the beach in the afternoon. My parents are going to the theatre on Friday evening. We're taking part in the program "Long Night of Museums" at night. He's proposing to his fiancée in an elegant restaurant tonight. I'm waiting for you in front of the school after lunch. "Did your contract expire yesterday?" "Yes, trey are renewing it today at 5 pm." They're going to the airport by taxi because they won't have much time before departure. The landlord is renewing my contract on the 1st of January. I'm waiting for you here. My cousins will be on holiday at Balaton this summer. Dear, I'm getting home at 6.23 pm. My younger brother is riding a horse in the Castle Visegrád on Friday evening. We're leaving for Switzerland on Thursday morning. We're selling our 20-year-old car at the end of this year. I'm practising English grammar for one hour this evening. We're meeting them in the evening. Are we having dinner before 8 pm? I'm writing him a letter tonight. We're moving to a new flat next week. We're presenting him a bike for Christmas. Tomorrow I'm talking to your boss about the problems of yesterday. I'm calling my brother-in-law tonight and I'm telling him everything.

35/10. What are you doing tonight? When are you calling him? Where are you going to the cinema on Saturday? When are they leaving? Why are you watching the film this evening with me? Where are we playing tennis today? Are you having lunch in a restaurant tomorrow at noon? Where are you doing the shopping at the weekend? Why are you meeting your friends next Tuesday? What time are you going to the cinema? When are they coming? Which countries are you visiting on your holiday? Where are you staying tonight? When does your train arrive in Moscow? Which car are they buying? How many people are coming? What are you cooking for them?

35/11. You're never taking care of me. You're never doing the washing up. You're always watching TV. You're always speaking loudly. You're never learning with the children. You're always going out alone. You're never buying me nice clothes. You're always sleeping already at 9 pm. You're caring of the children so well. You're always buying nice fruit. You're always speaking with my parents nicely. You're always cooking delicious dishes, darling. You're always doing sport. You're always wearing elegant clothes. You're always working a lot in the garden. You're always spending much money on the house. You're always getting up early.


- What are you doing, darling?

- I'm looking for a hotel for our holiday in July.

- Why are you searching on this website? I always search on the page

- Ah, don't joke. There are only few good offers on that page.

- All right. I would like to stay in a four-star hotel. Not far from the city centre.

- I like elegant and modern hotels, too. There is one in the Loan Street. Look!

- I like it. Is there a bath tub in the bathroom? It's good to sit in the bath for hours after long tours.

- There isn't any. I'll look for another hotel.

- This one on the Houne Avenue will be fine. It's modern, bright and the windows look on to the river.

- It's expensive a bit, but it doesn't matter. It's important that we feel good in the evenings.

- I'll try to reserve a table in a cosy restaurant near the hotel; I wouldn't like always to eat in a fast food restaurant. Fast food isn't good every day.

- It's true. Do you know the system of the website?

- No, what is it?

- Local housewives advertise their service in the given city; you can reserve eating with them in advance. They personally cook home-made food for the guests and we can dine and spend the evening with their families.

- Great! Let's try it in any case.

- You're always dealing with preparation of the trip. We're hardly together.

- We're together even now.

- But seriously now! You're working much nowadays and going to the gym afterwards. When can we talk?

- Alright, I'll do exercise three times a week then, the rest of the afternoons we can spend together. I'm exhausted anyway.

- I'm glad.

- Let's go otherwise we'll miss granny's birthday.

- Are we celebrating it today?

- Sure. We celebrate it this day every year. The 7th of June. But you know it, don't you?

36/3. She usually works in the office but today she's writing the mails at home today. You aren't eating much nowadays. Are you ill? I know ten words in Chinese. Are the children watching TV? My sister-in-law can speak three languages. The sun is shining. Should we go for a walk? Are you waiting for the train, too? They are living in Paris all summer but they come from Budapest. I have an important meeting today. What do they sell in this shop? I know lovely people abroad. She cooks gruel for her children every morning. Look, your train is coming. Edit washes her hair every day. Don't speak now, I'm writing an email. Why are you smiling? Because I like you.

38/1. Are there any oranges on the table? There aren't any oranges on the table / There are no oranges on the table. There are some. I bought some expensive T-shirts yesterday. I didn't buy any bags. I don't have any new clothes / I have no new clothes. There is no football match at the weekend / There aren't any football matches. I hope you have money for the trip. I don't have any. I would like to buy some newpapers for the trip. Any of them will be OK. Do you have some money? I have little. We didn't take any pictures about the holiday. We'll take some tomorrow. I can't give him any advice. Can you give her any? There are few good films in the cinema this week. Should we watch anything? Peter has some heavy luggage. But he didn't have any yesterday. "There are few letters here for you. Really? I didn't find them anywhere." There is little snow in the mountain. Is there? There is snow anywhere now." Give me little water, please! I don't have any with me. Do you have any books about Canada? I have none/I don't have any. There aren't any busses on Sunday at all. Aren't there any busses on Sunday at all? Did you visit any museums in Italy? We visited some. Let's buy some bread for the evening. I heard some bad news last time. Can you speak any Spanish? Let me give him little advice. Do you have dogs? We don't have any. Give the dog some bones. She drinks her coffee always with some milk. Aren't there elephants in Europe?

38/2. some, some, some, any, none, any, some, some any, some

39/1. The windows of the red house. The red house's windows. The yellow windows of the red house. The red house's yellow windows. My mother's kitchen. The kitchen of my mother. In my mother's little kitchen. In the little kitchen of my mother. My sister's blue swimming ring. The blue swimming ring of my sister. With my sister's blue swimming ring. With the blue swimming ring of my sister. My younger brother's elbow pad. The elbow pad of my younger brother. My grandmother's cooler box. The cooler box of my grandmother. The bath attendant's purple tennis rack. The purple tennis rack of the bath attendant. The new furniture's price. The price of the new furniture. The local greengrocer's shop. The shop of the local greengrocer's. The tennis player's first day. The first day of the tennis player.

39/2. I was walking along the long corridors of the market yesterday. Did you propose to my sister-in-law's daughter? We would like to visit the famous buildings of France this summer. Granny's scrambled eggs are very delicious! I saw the neighbour's diploma last year. Where did you lose my aunt's pills? Tell me the months of the year. The students of our school ran Marathon on Friday afternoon. We passed the exams of the Spanish language school this year. Where did the policeman's hut fall? Don't annoy the neighbour's crazy dog. You should buy the cook's black knife. You mustn't throw away the holiday's pictures. They praise Switzerland's banks a lot. We couldn't build up our brother-in-law's house. He had to ride a horse with the neighbour's son. My daughter's weekend wasn't boring. Taste my grandchild's bread; she baked it in the morning. Why are the legs of the table yellow? We travelled to beautiful places of Italy at the end of Mai. Where is the bottle of the orange juice? Don't throw away the children's balls. Why didn't you order all the clothes of the shop? I didn't understand the exam's text. Bring back the dog's bone, please. Paul's ball broke the windows of the house in the morning. Call mom's colleague fast. The marriage of my son-in-law didn't last for long. I don't want to hear the sad songs of this woman. The crazy idea of the boss contented some good thoughts. Where did Sarah's purple bike arrive from? The ideas of this man aren't good. Who took home mom's car? Shouldn't we eat the children's chocolate? It was the news of the millennium! We export the latest products of the Hungarian industry.

39/3. It's my granny's house. Whose is this little child? Whose child is it? It's my sister-in-law's child. Whose is this yellow balloon? Whose balloon is it? It's my son's yellow balloon. Whose is this banded tie? It's my husband's banded tie. Whose is this knee pad? Whose rotten apples are they? Whose are these many cute cats? Whose dog bit my little son?

40/1. Whose house is it? It's ours. Is it your granny's house? No, it isn't hers. Whose is this store? Is it yours? Whose child is this boy? Is it yours? Is it your sister-in-law's child? Yes, it's hers. Whose is this sear gage? Is it ours? It's his. It isn't his. Whose is this apple pie? Is it mine? Yes, it's yours. Whose is this knee pad? It's not mine. Didn't you put on mine? Where did you take hers yesterday? Who ate ours in the morning? Why did you iron hers? Are you glad about his, too? Did yours tip over, too? No, ours didn't. When did you take theirs? Mine were very expensive. But yours weren't very much.

41/1. What are your students like? They are lovely. What's your new boss like? He's harsh. What's the orange like? It's ripe. What's the Japanese railway like? It's developed. What's winter in Alaska like? It's freezing. What was the hotel like? It was comfortable. What were the planes like? They were modern. What was the film like? It was exciting.

41/2. Where is our round red pot? I can't find my new silk tie. Why didn't you choose that big mellow apricot? Your new checked shirt is in the hamper. When will you iron my green banded scarf? Daddy can't find the new metal screw driver in the car. When did you buy that little cosy pink mixer? I wouldn't like to buy a big round blue hoover. Wouldn't you like to bring the big wooden hammer? Granny bought a new modern dish washer yesterday. I would already like to throw away that old bad washing machine. Did you maculate the new expensive stove? What are you baking in this old dirty oven?


- Darling, did you pack in the garage? I can't find anything again.

- Yes, I did. I had to sweep the floor, it was very dirty. What are you looking for?

- The little screw driver which was in the wooden box next to the helmets of the children.

- I put it into that green metal box where you keep your valuable tools.

- And where is the old lawn mower? Which I got from Chris's brother last year.

- I don't know. I last saw it in the wooden cupboard next to the ladder. Look for it there.

42/1. Where are you happier? Why didn't you eat more meat with the potato? I learn this year better than last year. She gave me less work yesterday than today. Why does this motorboat cost more now? My daughter has nicer writing than my son. I wouldn't like to hear more about it. Tom is taller than you. This tool is more expensive than I thought. Trams are often slower than busses. Is Russia bigger than Canada? No, it isn't. Canada is bigger. The temperature in 1945 was higher than this year. Granny is older than my aunty. Diamond is harder than a stone. The Nile is longer than the Danube. Kalocsa is a smaller city than Oslo. Why did she bring less money than she should? Where do happier people live between the two countries? Football players are more famous than tennis players. I like only bigger dogs. You are prettier today than ever. This song is better than the first one. Didn't you take more sausage? No, we didn't. This story was sadder than I supposed. Is apple cheaper than pear? Why were you lovelier with your older sister than with me? The neighbour is building a higher house than we are.

42/2. Where are you the happiest? Why did you eat the most meat with the potato? I learn the best this year. I had the least work yesterday. Why did this motorboat cost the most? My daughter has the nicest writing. I would like to tell you the most about it. Tom is the tallest. This tool is the most expensive. Is Russia the biggest country in the world? No, it isn't. Canada is the biggest. It was the coldest in 1945. Granny is the oldest in the family. Diamond is the hardest material. The Nile is the longest river. The smallest city is in Mexico. Why did she bring the least money? Where do the happiest people live? Football players are the most famous sportsmen. I have the biggest dogs in the village. You are the prettiest today. This song is the best among the others. Didn't you bring the most sausage? It's the saddest story. Is apple really the cheapest fruit? Why were you the loveliest with your older sister? The neighbour is building the highest house.

42/3. My dog was much louder today. Why didn't you bring much more cake? I like you much more than Kati does. The eagle is a lot faster bird than the pigeon. You are much prettier this year. There are a lot/much more boring films than last week, aren't there? Theatres aren't much more interesting than museums are. Who has a lot longer hair than she does/has? Who wrote a lot more fighting poems than Petőfi did? Aunt Kati cooks much more delicious food than her husband does. Daddy is a lot fatter than aunt Orsi was. The teacher speaks much more then she should. The student learns much less than he should. Italians are a lot friendlier than French people are. The receptionist laughed today much more nicely than the bellboy/londiner did. My son was driving on the road much more carefully than I thought before. Why did he drink much more beer than he generally does?

43/1. My daughter can write more nicely than my son can. I sold this tool more expensively than I thought before/earlier. Trams run often more slowly than busses do. Daddy hit the fence with the hammer more strongly/harder than he should. Where do people live the more happily? I like this song more than the first one. He told this story more sadly than the other speaker did. Did you sell the apples more cheaply than the pears on the market? Why did you speak with your older sister more nicely than with me? He'll arrive later than he promised.

43/2. Where did you live most happily in the 90s? My daughter writes most nicely in her class. I sold this tool most expensively of all. Trams run most slowly in the eleventh district. The neighbour hit hardest with the hammer when they were in the funfair. Where do people live most happily in South-Africa? I like this song most among those I was listening to yesterday. This actor told this story most sadly. We sold the apple most cheaply this week. Why did you speak with your older sister most nicely at the party yesterday? He'll arrive latest because his flight is late. Kati ran most slowly on the race on Friday. Mom speaks the fastest in the family. Do they really sing most nicely? Which mother talked the strictest with the children? Where can I get changed most comfortably before the show?

43/4. I was the happiest person in the world yesterday! Yesterday was the nicest day in my life! What happened? Just imagine, I met a very kind old man. He's the most intelligent and most pleasant man in the village. We talked a lot and I learned from him the most about fishing. You have to go to the lake as early as possible at dawn, you have to prepare small fish in the biggest silence and sit in the boat for hours in the biggest calmness. That was the biggest challenge for me. But I managed it. I caught an enormous luce, bigger than old man did, maybe the biggest one among all the fishermen. What experience it was!

44/1. Where were you as happy as in Slovenia? Did you eat as much meat with the potato as they did? I 'm learning as well this year as I did last year. I had as little work yesterday as last Friday. Why does this motorboat cost as much as a car? My daughter can write as nicely as Kate can. I would like to tell about it as much as possible. Tom will be as tall as I am. I bought this tool as expensively as the wooden hammer. Is Russia as big as Canada? It was as cold in 1945 as 20 years later. Granny is as old as uncle Sam. Stone is nearly as hard as diamond. Isn't the Nile as long as the Danube? Is there an as little city in Mexico as Csemő is? Why did he bring as little money as Sam did? Do as happy people live in Hungary as those in Italy? Football players are as famous sportsmen as tennis players. My dog is as big as the one of my father was. You're as pretty today as Kate was at the party last week. This song is as good as that of Sam. Didn't you bring as spicy sausage as the Szabós did? This story is as sad as the one of Titanic. Why were you as kind with your older sister as never before? The neighbour is building an as high house as the Szabós are. They don't have as much time as we had. You speak as loudly as your mother does! She was yesterday as exhausted as last week. You shouldn't be as generous as Péter is. Why aren't you as handsome as Brad? When will you earn as much as your father does? There are as good organic markets in Budapest as on the countryside. This orange is as sweet as the apple was yesterday. Why isn't this pomegranate as big as the other one? This snowy mountain is at least as high as the Kékes. My friend can surf as well as Joe's trainer can. Fast food is as healthy as sandwiches. Domestic systems work as fast as the ones in Germany. You don't care for your son as much as for your daughter. We're glad about this present as much as we were about the lawn mower last year. You behave as well as your younger sister does. Do you do as much sport this year as you did 2 years ago? This bath attendant doesn't work as carefully as my husband did.

43/4. I was the happies man in the world yesterday! Yesterday was the nicest in my life What happened? Imagine, I met a very kind old man. He is the most intelligent and most pleasant person in the village. We were talking much and I learned the most about fishing from him. You have to go to the lake the earliest you can at dawn, prepare little fish in the biggest silence and sit in the biggest calm in the boat for hours. It was the biggest challenge for me. But I managed it. I caught an enormous luce bigger than the old man did, maybe the biggest from all fishermen. What an experience it was!


Where were you as happy as in Slovenia? Did you eat as much meat with the potatoes as they did/as them? I'm learning this year as well as last year. I had as little work yesterday as (I had) last week. Why does this motorboat cost now as much as a car? My daughter can write as nicely as Kate (can). I would like to tell about it as much as I can. Tom is as tall as me. I bought this tool as expensively as the wooden hammer. Is Russia as big as Canada? It was in 1945 as cold as 20 years later. Granny is as old as uncle Sam. Stone is almost as hard as diamond. Isn't the river Nile as long as the Danube? Is there an as little city in Mexico as Csemő is? Why did she bring as little money as Sam did? Do as happy people live in Hungary as in Italy? Football players are as famous sportsmen as tennis players are. My dog is as big as daddy's dog was. You are finally as pretty today as Kate was at the party last week. This song is as good as Sam's one. Didn't you bring as hot sausages as the Szabós did? This story is as sad as the story of Titanic was. Why were you with your older sister as kind as never before? The neighbour is building an as high house as the Szabós are. They don't have as much time as we did. You are speaking as loudly as your mother (is). He was yesterday as exhausted as he was last week. You shouldn't be as gorgeous as Peter (is). Why aren't you as handsome as Brad (is)? When will you earn as much as your father does? There are in Budapest as good bio markets as on the countryside. This orange is as sweet as the apple was yesterday. Why isn't this pomegranate as big as the other one? This snowy mountain is at least as high as the Kékes. My friend can surf as well as Joe's trainer can. Fast food is as healthy as sandwiches (are). Domestic systems can work as fast too as the ones can in Germany. You don't deal with your son as much as with your daughter. We are glad about this present as much as about the lawn mower last year. You are behaving as e as your little sister is. Are you doing as much sport this year as 2 years ago? This bath attendant doesn't work as carefully as my husband did.